In-person & online counseling for Individuals and couples

Welcome to S.E.A. Counseling, LLC

Sarah Allen, MA, LPC

In-person & online counseling for Individuals and couples

Welcome to S.E.A. Counseling, LLC

Sarah Allen, MA, LPC

S.E.A. Counseling


Every person’s journey through life is unique; therefore, I tailor each session to the specific needs of the individuals I am working with. It is very important to me that each time we meet you walk away with something you did not previously have. The way we perceive situations influences our emotions and behaviors so it is essential for me to understand your perspective. In collaboration, we will work together towards the common goal of improving your quality of life. For over ten years, I have worked as an individual, couples and group therapist. Over these years, clients have described me as genuine, non-judgmental and effective.  My extensive experience includes helping others through anxiety, depression, relationships, ADHD, anger, sleep problems, stress, substance abuse and domestic abuse. The main treatment modalities I utilize are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and The Gottman Method.   Finding a therapist to meet your needs is essential to instill the changes you want to make. If you feel I may be a good match to help you on your journey or have any questions please don’t hesitant to call or email me! I offer a free phone consultation to address any questions, concerns and explore what your goals are. I look forward to hearing from you! 



Do you struggle with excessive worry, feeling on edge or confronting certain situations? Maybe you wake up and have a wave of anxiety come over you.   Anxiety can be situational or more persistent; whatever the case, I will work with you to live a more peaceful life.


Relationships are ever changing and can be challenging to navigate. I enjoy using various approaches including aspects of The Gottman Method to provide individuals and couples with tools to improve connections. I work with both monogamous and open relationship concerns.


Are you experiencing a general lack of satisfaction with your life? Or maybe you feel so down that simple daily tasks are overwhelming.  Sometimes a change in our lives can bring us down. Whatever the degree of depression, I can help navigate towards living the life you want.


 Everyone experiences stress differently. It has a definitive impact on how we cope and interact in social and professional settings. Since we can't totally escape stress, it is important to find what works for you to manage it effectively.

Sleep & insomnia

Sleep is one of the most important functions to maintaining physical and mental health. Whether you struggle with chronic insomnia or experience sporadic sleep disturbances I can help identify contributing internal and external factors.  I use a science based approach called CBT-I to help get the sleep you need in as little as 4 sessions.

Substance Abuse

Cutting back or quitting substances can be a very challenging journey. Substance use can impact relationships as well as exacerbate many other life stressors. Whether you or your loved one are struggling with substance abuse we can work together to make the necessary changes you desire.


S.E.A. Counseling

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